With Jade Stone Engineering, you get the benefits of a multi-disciplinary mechanical, plumbing, and electrical firm that can quickly respond to your needs. When you have a need, we will work with you to find an appropriate and responsible solution. When you have a vision, we will guide you through every step so you can see that vision come to pass.

Watertown YMCA Aquatic Center

JSE is providing mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering designs for a large-scale YMCA renovation.

Adirondack Regional Airport

JSE provided the MEP design and construction administration services for the ARFF expansion project

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

JSE provide Electrical engineering services for this reconstruction project

Parish Public Library

JSE provided mechanical, plumbing and electrical services to support the addition and renovations

City of Troy – Outside Community Sewer Meter Project

JSE performed the electrical and instrumentation engineering services pertaining to (5) remote…..

Village of Morristown – Library Addition

JSE provided mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and lighting to support the new addition

Village of Antwerp – Library Addition

JSE provided mechanical, plumbing, and electrical services to support the new addition

Town of South Bristol – New Highway Garage

JSE assisted the Town of South Bristol with the development of their new 13,500 sf Highway Garage

Town of Preble – New Apparatus Bay and Office Building

JSE assisted the Town of Preble in planning the construction of a 9,600 SF bay and office building

Village of Phoenix – Davis Street Development

JSE design included mechanical, plumbing, electrical lighting, and communication for new facility

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