Benjamin Walldroff, PE

Chief Executive Officer
B.S. Electrical Engineering. Clarkson University, 2003 PE 2008, LEED AP, IAEI

Ben worked for a number of large engineering firms in the mid-Atlantic region before returning to the North Country in 2007. In 2012, he co-founded Jade Stone Engineering where he is a managing partner. His belief in on-site engineering combined with his leadership style are significant factors in the success of JSE’s electrical projects. Ben has been actively involved in the electrical engineering industry for over 17 years and has gathered a diverse portfolio of project experience in several challenging engineering sectors. Mr. Walldroff is also a licensed Electrical Inspector and routinely performs on-site investigations of electrical installations. This unique subset of skills is an important asset for the firm.


Ben is best known for getting angry when John lets the beer fridge go dry.

Jade Stone Engineering