Jada Walldroff, PE

Chief Financial Officer, Managing Partner
B.S. Civil Engineering. Clarkson University, 2003 PE 2009

Prior to her role as CFO and Managing Partner of Jade Stone Engineering, Jada worked as a civil engineer with various private engineering firms throughout the Mid-Atlantic and northern New York regions. She also spent several years practicing with the NYS DOT. Jada has a comprehensive understanding of all facets of engineering practice to include technical, legal and financial. Her steadfast leadership of the firm has proven to be her real passion and her strong suit. Jada’s responsibilities are enormous. She handles all aspects of the day to day management of the firm, which allows the other firm’s leadership to concentrate solely on technical design proficiency and project delivery. 


Mrs. Walldroff is known for her no non-sense approach to management. As she will tell you, the buck stops with her! Don’t mess it up!

Jade Stone Engineering