Mitchell Robinson, EIT

Electrical Engineer
B.S. Electrical Engineering. Clarkson University 2010 EIT, IAEI. Joined the Firm in February 2016

Mitch is a Project Electrical Engineer, is responsible for project design, team communication and coordination, project delivery, QA/QC and everything else that goes along with Electrical Design. His primary focus is engineering within the water/wastewater world. He is easily one of the most talented and practical electrical engineers in the business. He is soon to be a licensed engineer.


Mitch is most well-known for getting a 4.0 at Clarkson (as an EE), and having a social life. I know, hard to believe. He also considers himself a sports guy. “Hey, how did your fantasy team do?” But don’t ask him for any tips..they never pan out. Trust me…

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