Flower Memorial Library – Major HVAC Replacement

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Major HVAC Replacement

In addition to its circulation collection, this 30,000 SF historic library also houses art on paper and canvas, historic documents, and antique furniture — all of which are susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Key aspects of the project included complete removal and replacement of the existing HVAC systems with two (2) Central Constant Volume Systems consisting of central steam generators & humidification coils to keep space at proper humidity levels during the heating seasons. For dehumidification, a high-efficiency, low turndown, air-cooled condenser with low turndown capacity control, individual refrigerant circuits, zoned reheat coils, and central boiler plant was used.

The system is designed to allow for low discharge temperatures and reheating which will ensure relative humidity stays with in required levels.

For sound considerations, fans with very low RPM speeds were selected and sound-lined ductwork was installed where required.

New LED high-efficiency lighting was installed throughout the building.

SE worked closely with their architectural sub-consultant as well as library staff to ensure that the new systems did not intrude on the daily functions of the library, were safe for their historic collections, and met the building’s zoning and space demands.

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