Cornell University – Uihlein Potato Farm

Cornell Uihlein

JSE provided designs for an electrical service upgrade.

JSE assisted Cornell University with two projects at the Uihlein Potato Farm in Lake Placid. The initial request was to replace a large portion of the electrical gear fort the potato processing building. The second request was for designs of a new generator system to provide backup power to the on-site greenhouse facility.

The electrical scope of work included a detailed site survey of the electrical service equipment and the electrical equipment throughout the building to determine what modifications and replacements were necessary.

Design work included the tracing of all electrical circuits, inventory of all panelboards, switches, and large connected equipment, such as motors and electric heaters, the replacement of the existing split-phase 240V/120V building electrical service entrance equipment, replacement of a 200A electric service panelboard and the replacement of several additional fused disconnect switches and panels.

Jade Stone Engineering