Fort Drum – P-175 Court House Building Renovation

jadestone-engineering-Fort Drum-P-175 Court House

Building Renovation

The 12,000 square foot building was converted into an administration space and federally operated court room facility.  The facility houses not only Judges Chambers and a Central Court room, but also conference rooms and offices for supporting staff.


Some key features of the project included sound control, accommodating variable occupancies, and energy efficiency.


A central rooftop unit was used along with nine (9) variable air volume pressure independent boxes with reheat to give each zone of the building individual control.


The systems were all connected to an existing building management system as well as utilizing the campuses central boiler plant.  All motors were equipped with ECM motors or variable frequency drives to add to the buildings efficiency.


Special consideration was given to duct sizing and air velocity to avoid excessive noise especially in the 2100 SF court room space.

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