Ft. Drum – Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Hangar (Shadow)

Unmanned Aircraft

Aircraft Hangar

JSE is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers providing Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineering services for the design and construction of a new 28,100 SF Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Maintenance Hangar and eight (8) supporting structures, with capacity for three (3) Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (TUAV) Shadow Platoons each supporting four RQ-7B-1E shadow drones.


The new operational campus will provide a Standard Design Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Group 3 Hangar, Sanitary Sewage Lift Station Building, Organization Storage Building, Aviation (AV) Fuel Station Shed, Petroleum/Oil/Lubricant (POL)  storage, Used Petroleum/Oil/Lubricant (POL) storage, Fire Protection Pump Building, and a Bulk-Fuel Station.


The project scope includes compliance with the Department of Defense (DOD) Minimum Antiterrorism building standards, access for individuals with disabilities (ABA), incorporation of Cyber Security Measures, fire protection and alarms, Intrusion Detection System installation (IDS), and Energy Monitoring and Control Systems (EMCS) with building information systems. Heating and cooling will be self-contained systems.  Additional support facilities include a paved access to taxiway/runway, electrical service, special foundations, hangar access apron, security lighting, fire protection, communications, water, sewer with a lift-station to include backup generator, update/extension of force main, storm drainage, signage, landscaping, organizational parking, POV parking, air conditioning, as well as other site improvements.

Fire Protection and Alarms

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Energy Monitoring and Control Systems (EMCS)

Self-contained heating and cooling systems

Sewer Lift Station

Incorporation of Cyber Security Measures

Sustainability/Energy measures

Energy Efficiency

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