Fulton Companies – Power Study


Power & Arc Flash Study

The JSE team was asked to assist Fulton Companies in the development of a Power Study and Arc Flash Analysis for 6 of their facilities: Fulton Boiler Works, Fulton Heating, Fulton Heating Solutions, Fulton Pulse, Fulton Solitec, and Fulton Thermal. The studies modeled the power distribution systems of the facilities using modeling software (SKM & EasyPower).


The mission of the project was to provide the facilities with recommended circuit breaker coordination settings, arc flash stickers, recommended PPE levels based on available fault current, and to ensure that the existing switchgear was properly rated for the maximum available levels of fault current. These results were given to each facility in a report describing the analysis process and the engineering team’s analysis. The arc flash stickers were also delivered to each facility to be placed on the appropriate switchgear.


Power Study Report

Arc Flash Stickers

PPE Level Recommendations

Circuit Breaker Coordination

Power System Software Modeling

Jade Stone Engineering