Great Lakes Cheese – Addition Power Study


Circuit Breaker Coordination

The JSE engineering team was brought in to provide circuit breaker coordination and arc flash study services at Great Lakes Cheese in Adams, NY.  The project included building expansion that incorporated new switchgear and panelboards. The JSE team was brought in to model their new switchgear and power distribution system using modeling software (SKM & EasyPower) and provide recommended circuit breaker settings so that all of the switchgear was properly coordinated. In addition, JSE provided a full power study report, including arc flash stickers and PPE recommendations for all new switchgear and panelboards. After the completion of the study, our engineering team went into the field to help ensure that the digital trip units on the circuit breakers were properly set.

Power Study Report

Arc Flash Stickers

PPE Level Recommendations

Circuit Breaker Coordination

Power System Software Modeling

Jade Stone Engineering