MLK Courthouse – Proffer Rooms

MLK Courthouse

JSE is Providing Mechanical and Electrical Design Services to the Renovation of this Historic Building

MLK Courthouse in Newark, New Jersey is remodeling a portion of this 1992 courthouse to include the addition of new proffer rooms. What is a proffer room you ask?  Good question!  A proffer is a meeting between a criminal defendant or suspect and the government that usually takes place at the U.S. Attorney’s Office rather than in court.  A proffer room is a special room designated to hold these meetings.  JSE is providing Mechanical and Electrical design services to the project.

Design scope items include:

  • Low voltage power distribution
  • LED lighting design
  • IT/Telecommunications
  • HVAC system modifications
  • Junctions, back boxes, and data cabling for security devices and equipment


Jade Stone Engineering