Mohawk Correctional Facility – Generator and Switchgear Upgrade

Mohawk Correctional

Jade Stone Provided Mechanical and Electrical Design Services for the Replacement of Two 2KW 15kVA Class Diesel Generators

Mohawk Correctional Facility is upgrading their existing generator and switchgear.  This project required a complex, phased approach for the replacement of (2) 2MW, 15kVA class diesel generators. Generator system control was accomplished through the use of a PLC/HMI controller. SEL Protective relays were specified for all breaker control and protection.


Design scope items include:

  • New 15kVA main tie-in fully automated switchgear lineup, allowing for close transition compatibility
  • Dedicated external cold sequence generator testing scheme and external switchgear, allowing the generators to be tested without a live facility load
  • Remote radiator systems for each generator with associated coolant pumping
  • Modifications to the building to allow for proper combustion air


The JSE team lead and managed all of the electrical and mechanical engineering for this project.  JSE covered all of the client communication, coordinated with National Grid, and will also handle the commissioning activities for OGS on this project.

Jade Stone Engineering