NYAB Substation Modifications


JSE provided engineering services which included a study that evaluated redundancy at two (2) substations

NYAB has two substations feeding their Watertown facility. The primary substation is a 115kV yard with 2 substation transformers. Each sub transformer takes the voltage down to 13.2kV. A dedicated 13.2kV aerial circuit then runs about a mile to a second 13.2:480V substation yard. 480V then handles the primary utilization voltage for the facility. This project included a study that evaluated redundancy at both substations. Recommendations included:



Oil FURAN sampling


Conversion of transformers to fan cooled units

Specification of an additional redundant substation transformer

Modifications to the high impedance grounded system

Reconfiguration of gear at the 115kV yard for added redundancy

Jade Stone Engineering