River Hospital – New Medical Office Building

jadestone-engineering-RH MOB

JSE is providing engineering services for the construction of a New Office Building

The most recent project work included a River Comprehensive Wellness Center II (RCWC II) Project which will be the focal point for all patient care activities for the Hospital and will form the core mission of Hospital into the future. The key component of the RCWC II project is a new Medical Office Building (MOB). These enhancements are designed to improve access to the Hospital’s services, provide patients with a new level of comprehensive and collaborative care, and facilitate growth over the next decade. (Artistic Renderings courtesy of BCA Architects & Engineers).

Extensive electrical modifications including EES Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 power distribution system design/modifications

New Electrical Switchgear

New LED Lighting Design

Modifications to the Generator Plant

Access Control System Integration

Nurse Call System Expansion

Jade Stone Engineering