Sackets Harbor CSD Capital Improvement Project

Sackets Harbor CSD

JSE provided Electrical Engineering Designs for this $9M capital project.

Sackets Harbor CSD underwent a major multi-phase capital renovation project with the NYSED. The project included various improvements to the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Data and fire protections systems of multiple buildings. Areas effected included the gymnasium, numerous classrooms, cafeteria, mechanical/electrical rooms, bathrooms, administrative spaces, and the bus garage.


JSE was responsible Electrical designs during the project. Some major JSE scope items included Electrical designs for:

  • Elevator Replacement
  • Phone/intercom replacement
  • Sewage ejector modifications
  • Gas shutoff valve design
  • Steam boiler replacement
  • HVAC modifications
  • Packaged RTU’s
  • CUV Replacement
  • AHU MPR Electrical
  • Fire alarm modifications
  • Exit Sign Replacements
  • Exterior lighting
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