SUNY Cortland – Randall Hall Bathroom Renovations

jadestone-engineering-SUNY Cortland-Randall Hall

Randall Hall Bathroom Renovations Project

This multi-million-dollar renovation project concentrated on the student bathrooms and providing required make-up air in Randall Hall student residence building.


As with many projects recently, the majority of this scope included the conversion of the existing student gang bathrooms to individual bathrooms.  Major scope elements included new plumbing fixtures and associated piping along with providing new makeup air and exhaust systems, new energy efficient LED lighting within the renovated bathroom spaces, upgrades to the fire alarm system for safety improvements and new emergency lighting throughout.


The floor-to-floor height in this building was less than 8’-0”, careful coordination between all trades was paramount to a successful design project.  Lighting fixture selection and placement had to be coordinated with plumbing fixtures above as well as the exact routing of the ductwork to avoid the multitude of potential conflicts.

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