SUNY Cortland – Corey Union Renovation

jadestone-engineering-SUNY Cortland-Corey-Union-Renovation

Corey Union Renovation

The underutilized space on the ground floor of Corey Union was revitalized in to light and airy modern community hup spaces.  Study nooks, performance spaces and a multitude of dining venues are included in the recreated space.

Some of the key scope elements included new energy efficient LED lighting with digital lighting controls for all of the renovated spaces to allow maximum flexibility for space usage, new data infrastructure, general power distribution throughout, power to the variety of kitchen equipment required for each of the unique dining places, review of the electrical service to ensure the service entrance was sized properly to accommodate the new dining facilities, new fire alarm system in the renovated spaces to meet NYS Code and for increased safety, and the inclusion of renovated spaces to the existing back-up generators.


Branch Circuit Upgrades

LED Lighting

Digital Lighting Controls

Fire Alarm System Upgrades

Horizontal Cabling and Wireless Access Point Design

Kitchen Power Distribution

Load Calculations to Verify Service Size

Back-up by Existing Generator

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