SUNY Potsdam – Ice Rink Chiller System

Maxcy Hall

JSE Provided Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering Services to this Project

SUNY Potsdam is replacing the ice chiller in the Maxcy Hall Ice Arena, as well as much of its associated equipment. They were looking to replace their old ammonia-based system due to safety and efficacy concerns. JSE provided mechanical and plumbing engineering services for this project, as well as helping commission the systems prior to the completion of the project.


Design scope items include:

  • New non-ammonia refrigerant system capable of functioning in summer heat
  • Update associated mechanical systems for safe, efficient, and effective operation
  • Integrated refrigerant monitoring system, as well as remote start/stop compatibility
  • Design to allow current temporary chillers to run in parallel with new permanent system
  • Relocate cooling tower off of roof for safer and easier maintenance


In addition to the above scope items, some miscellaneous mechanical upgrades were included.  These upgrades included resolving the current Zamboni ice melt system’s misfunction, replacement of the current heat plate exchanger, as well as designing a simple disconnect to allow the temporary chillers to be easily removed from the system should a local ice rink need to use them. This project will allow Maxcy Hall’s Ice arena to operate much more reliably, effectively and efficiently, providing an all-around upgrade to some of the most important systems in the building.

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