SUNY Upstate Medical University – Emergency Department Psychiatric Renovations

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Emergency Department Psychiatric Renovations Phase I - Completed Phase II - Ongoing

The project consists of two phases.  Phase One being comprised of a new waiting room, new reception area, and a new triage area.  Phase Two will include the addition of an Emergency Department psychiatric seclusion suite and thus the renovation of the associated nurse station.  When complete, total square footage of the renovation will be 3,048 square feet.

Jade Stone contributed the Electrical Design of this project to include lighting design, lighting control systems, fire alarm design and coordination with simplex/JCI, coordination of security design elements with the hospital’s security vendor, and power distribution.   JSE’s involvement with Construction Administration includes onsite review of project elements with the electrical contractor and punch list review.

Project Challenges:

Strict medical criteria, code compliance, budgetary restrictions, and physical constraints at the facility provided multiple opportunities for ingenuity.  With the facility’s panelboards having been in operation past their prime, very little documentation indicating how and where they are fed from remained for reference during design.  This existing electrical distribution system also does not meet the stringent, more modern NEC Article 700 or NFPA 99 Load Type segregation requirements.  These types of upgrades have the potential to put a critical strain on the project budget.  The project site itself is the main entrance to the Emergency Department requiring the project to be carefully crafted into phases in order to allow for ER to remain fully operational during construction.

Lighting design and specification of lighting control systems to accommodate the new spaces

Fire alarm design and coordination with simplex/JCI

Coordination of security design elements with the hospital's security vendor

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